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I'm lovin this new album by IDK. Comparisons to Kendrick are obvious and tired. IDK has his own thing happening here and the production is tight and bass-heavy.


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I really liked Testament in high school and kind of lost track of them after The Ritual. Today I learned that they released The Gathering in '99 with Dave fucking Lombardo on drums and it's great! Is it the best non-Scandinavian metal album of the late 90s?

Looking to hear more from this collaboration.

Down in Flames by Deadland Ritual

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First collective LP from the NY hip-hop family of Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies and the Underachievers. So many good MCs in one place - I know this will be one of my favorites of 2019.


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I'm one track in and I already know this is going to be in heavy rotation. Absolutely classic hip-hop production with top talent MCs.

Czarface Meets Ghostface by CZARFACE & Ghostface Killah

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Childqueen by Kadhja Bonet falls into several neo- genres but stands really tall on the strength of Ms. Bonet's vocal jazz skills. If I were to over-simplify things I'd say this is what you'd get if you made a Diana Ross, Family Stone, and Esperanza Spalding supergroup.

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I’ve loved a lot of songs in my 30-odd years, but this one always stops me in my tracks

This is some really pleasant ambient. The 1st track's title "Headphone Holiday" pretty much sums it up.

Chelsea Wolfe makes heavy spooky gothy music. It does not "slap" as the kids say. But, if you need something to play while you're plotting revenge (something involving poison) then her latest album will definitely bring that mood.

There's a new Maya Jane Coles EP out! She delivers another fine collection of dark house that I know I'll be playing a lot in the coming weeks.

Look, I'm not generally a fan of instrumental hip-hop because so often tracks are memorable for the work of the MC's flow over a great beat. Clams Casino elevates the genre by adding lyrical instrumentation that does more than provide a hook. This album was hard to come by since its 2011 release but its available to stream now.


Nice reverb-y ambient guitar arrangements from a Bridgetown Records cassette release from last year.

Good for reading the Canvas API docs before bed.

From the liner notes:

Recognized by genre aficionados as one of the greatest singers and most riveting stage presences in soul music, Jackie Shane has remained largely unknown outside Toronto, where her career briefly flowered in the 1960s. Ms. Shane is a star without parallel—a pioneer of transgender rights born in a male body, living her entire life as a woman at a time when to do so seemed unthinkable.

As a fan of all three of the artists comprising the new supergroup boygenius, I am extremely excited about their upcoming EP, and the single ‘Me & My Dog’ is one of my absolute favorite songs right now.

From the video notes:

From a cancelled 8-bit platform game, the Prids must be freed from their evil sadness, which has turned them into monstrous bosses of a surreal land. Your protagonist is randomly generated during the opening menu sequence: a nameless and gender-neutral everyperson (they wear a shirt featuring the non-binary flag for most of the video). Your choices for how to defeat the various baddies are always non-violent, from simply sprinting to offering up vegan tacos.